Le sort du corbeau

The 12/27/14 edition of At Water’s Edge was episode 3 of the Nevermore Project, and includes a piece of mine titled “le sort du corbeau”. The archive of the show is at the link below. If you’re impatient my piece comes in at the hour and 44 mark. The set it’s in begins 15 minutes before. I strongly recommend listening to the whole show as there’s lots of good music in there.


Each contributed piece began with field recordings provided by the show’s host, Rebekkah Hilgraves.



A handful of new musics for you.


This a cappella piece begins as a solo voice and builds to a sizable male choral group.  Multitrack this time – no looping.


The first finished track from Post Feederz, a collaborative project with Bret Harold Hart. It wants to be ominous, but it’s really just a thoughtful piece of abstract psychedelia.


Yay! A new Sampson – Carroll song! Part of Midnight Radio Compilation 30

Working the Stream

There’s a story in every life. This is one of them.

We Did Not Know What to Make of Him

Yet another song different from all the rest of this 5-group. On this I revisit the layered looping approach I’m so happy to have discovered 12 years ago. This appears as part of the truly massive Telephone to the Dead compilation.




The Displaced Persons Act

Gone, but not forgotten, with a touch of Tibet.

I didn’t start using a looping device for live vocals until 2002. By 2004 I was looping two signal paths live. The piece linked here was recorded live in my (then) home studio, Look-at-the-Pond, in 2004.

For those of you who devour technical information: two Beta 58As, a Line 6 DL4, and a Boomerang 1.

Summer Project

About a week ago, Sean Carroll and I got together in his studio to make a
little music. As it was the first time in six years we’d both been in the
same town long enough to do this, to say we were excited wouldn’t be an
overstatement. And with nothing in particular in mind, it was simply set up
and start improvising.

It was a good one – lots of interesting bits and ideas to nurse into songs.

We’d like to have some kind of “whole thing” completed before early September,
which is when I’m projecting to be on the road again. At this point, not sure
if the songs will have lyrical continuity, or if the stories will be more
individualistic, but working with Sean again is outstanding. Some of the most
interesting music I’ve been involved with making has been with him.